Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June Solstice K9 Horoscope 6.21-9.23.'10

Woof StarGazers,
Observed as the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and believed, by the ancients, to be a time when the sun (sol) actually stands still (sistere) while at its highest point in the noon sky on one day each year falling between June 21st & 24th. Appearances can be deceiving (Old Sol never stands still) yet our forebearers seldom missed an opportunity to hold a ritual, feast or celebration (we haven’t changed much, have we?) and this event would certainly be no exception.
Traditionally ritual fires were built in fields, honorable men would then demonstrate their courage by jumping over the flames and the remaining ashes would be spread over garden areas to assure healthy crops. Celts paid tribute to their Goddess Aine, the equivalent of the Roman Goddess Venus and the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, beseeching her favors to provide bountiful fall crops. In Ireland paying tribute to the Goddess Queen of Muster eventually (mid 19th century) gave way to Christianized fire rituals marking the eve of St John’s Feast Day. Legend has it that John’s mother, Elizabeth, lit a signal fire announcing that she had gone into labor and that all helping hands would be welcomed.
Several northern European countries recognize the June Solstice as a legal holiday and Midsummer Fire Festivals are celebrated throughout the world; from the small Fremont, WA community parade of nude cyclist to the week long Kupala Rites celebrated in Russia. Blending fire and water rituals young Russian ladies place small boats in waterways and attempt to interpret flow patterns which might reveal the names of their intended.
The solstice phenomenon marks the longest day/shortest night of the year and is commonly, and correctly, referred to as both the Start of Summer and/or Midsummer.
There are 2 celestial events worth mentioning during the coming cycle; the 1st Lunar and the 2nd Solar eclipses of 2010 will occur on June 26th, and July 11th, respectively. The Partial Lunar Eclipse will best be seen from the Pacific Islands and Eastern Australia but can be viewed from most of the Americas. Only those living in New England area and Eastern Canada will be denied any view of this event; so look upwards every pup!! The Solar Eclipse won’t be visible in North America, unfortunately; only those in the South Pacific or western South America will be entertained by this pawsome July event.

Aries; The Ram 3.21-4.19
Helios tempts your Arian blood but until Sol’s strength subsides, closer to the September Equinox, decisions should not be made impulsively. Apollo is always an aggressive risk taker adding excitement to all ventures; be particularly careful this coming cycle.

Taurus; The Bull 4.20-5.20
Patience may wear thin and stubbornness may add to your woes. Try to accept things as they are and lend a paw in ‘furendship,’ to those who you have previously ignored. Days are long, opportunities abound.

Gemini; The Twins 5.21-6.21
Mercury is in his element and communicating has never been easier. Take advantage of this renewed spirit and show others that you appreciate their hard work and efforts. Challenges should not be ignored.

Cancer; The Crab 6.22-7.22
Making good decisions won’t be easy as emotions are at an all time high for the next several months. Concerns abound when your defensive nature takes hold causing havoc w/loved ones. Goals appear to be unreachable, however, perseverance does pay off.

Leo; The Lion 7.23-8.22
The Lion’s roar increases your optimism and trying times fall by the wayside. This is not a time for day dreaming, actions speak louder than words and when a ‘furend,’ falls on hard times don’t turn your back to them.

Virgo; The Virgin 8.23-9.22
The Virgin’s eye for detail makes the search easier when looking for those in harm’s way. This is a time to bring harmony into the home so that a new family member gets started on the right path.

Libra; The Scales 9.23-10.22
Now is not the time to misspeak or make critical comments. Set your priorities and work at balancing your temperament; challenges may become much easier.

Scorpio; The Scorpion 10.23-11.21
Celestial influences do their best to distract you from honorable goals during these trying months. Staying focused has never been harder but the impact may be overcome by joining forces w/others and drawing on Sol‘s power.

Sagittarius; The Centaur 11.22-12.21
Perhaps keeping barks to yourself would be good advice at this time. Being outspoken may not be appreciated and others may look upon your straight forward attitude as criticism gone awry.

Capricorn; The Sea-Goat 12.22-1.19
Resources abound in the Universe if one knows where to look so don’t allow your determination to falter. Your faithfulness can not be questioned; you’ve shown your loyalty on several occasions already.

Aquarius; The Water-Bearer 1.20-2.18
Putting a harness on a free spirit may not always be a wise choice. To deny your independence may put you at odds w/family members so try not to hurt others w/your biting remarks. When Selena is near your ability to nurture others is calming to all.

Pisces; The Fish 2.19-3.20
Now’s the time to turn on the charm and let others see you at your finest. Imagination, creativity and charisma are all heightened while Helios rides high. Take every advantage and others will take notice.

Please feel free to share my thoughts with others, however, reprinting for anything other than personal amusement should only be done with my consent.
Paws Up!! to all of my StarGazing Furends!


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  2. Shiloh, you should not encourage my brother. He has atrocious manners and thinks nothing of just walking into people's houses or putting his nose on your food if he sees something he wants. Hope your end of summer fun continues and that the stars are in your favor! P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog!