Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oct. 3 - Oct. 9, 2010

Woof StarGazers,

Aries; The Ram 3.21-4.19

Your leadership qualities leave something to be desired this week. Those who follow may be lead astray.

Taurus; The Bull 4.20-5.20

Short tempers may cause concern in the workplace. Bite your tongue and hold on to your patience to avoid a confrontation.

Gemini; The Twins 5.21-6.21

Concentrate on your goals in the upcoming days so that you stay on track. Temptations appear out of the most unlikely places.

Cancer; The Crab 6.22-7.22

Emotions run high but must be controlled or you’ll overlook an opportunity that won’t be easily recaptured.

Leo; The Lion 7.23-8.22

Your optimism wanes and waivers making it almost impossible to reach a decision and stay on course.

Virgo; The Virgin 8.23-9.22

Keeping the spotlight on your achievements is all uphill for the next several days. Co-workers and loved ones do take notice.

Libra; The Scales 9.23-10.22

Finding balance and harmony won’t be easy and being decisive comes only at a high price.

Scorpio; The Scorpion 10.23-11.21

Don’t continue making mountains out of molehills. Take a step back and learn to appreciate what others do for you.

Sagittarius; The Centaur 11.22-12.21

If you make an attempt you will surely succeed: nothing stands in your way right now so take bold actions.

Capricorn; The Sea-Goat 12.22-1.19

Your primary concern this week will be your ability to share your bounty - which may be greater than anticipated. Be cautious with your generosity though.

Aquarius; The Water-Bearer 1.20-2.18

Don’t worry about taking a stumble right now. Your ability to see things clearly will assist you in making final and rewarding decisions.

Pisces; The Fish 2.19-3.20

Good fortune paves the way for you right now but don’t be too impatient or you could spoil things and give an opponent the advantage.

Please feel free to share my thoughts with others, however, reprinting for anything other than personal amusement should only be done with my consent. Paws Up!! to all of my StarGazer Furends!!

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