Tuesday, January 19, 2010

K9 Horoscope 1.19.'10-2.18.'10

Woof StarGazers,

As Sol slips into the next constellation Cronus, the Founder of Civilization, continues his influence over our well-being. Soothing waters from the fountains of Aquarius have a calming effect on the Taskmaster’s ways, yet we question our actions. Do I unjustly manipulate family and ‘furends?’ Am I all that I could be? Do I take the feelings of others into consideration? This is a time to look deep into ourselves and respond accordingly.

Aries; The Ram 3.21-4.19
Your tough demeanor and need to get things done, Willie, may put you at odds w/your ‘furends.’ When Selena moves into your sign on the 20th, she softens your attitude and others may see a more patient and loving side. Take the time to give all of your Long Island neighbors a friendly bark or two so they’ll know you care.

Taurus; The Bull 4.20-5.20
Dependable and warm-hearted qualities become personified on the 22nd, when Diana entertains the Water-Bearer’s realm, and Onyx finds this to be a perfect time to seek out new acquaintances and form lasting bonds.

Gemini; The Twins 5.21-6.21
Communicating has always been an easy task for Tommy T. and it becomes easier on the 25th, when Luna and Saturn join forces. Don’t neglect old associates for they are very real necessities who may bring strength during hardships.

Cancer; The Crab 6.22-7.22
It’s the home which is important to Poochie but when the Huntress enters the watery constellation on the 27th, he may begin to yearn for lost ’friendship.’ Try not to ignore those who are outside your normal circle of loved ones for they too may bring you comfort one day.

Leo; The Lion 7.23-8.22
Others respond to your care-free attitude, Anna Nichole, but near the 29th, when Diana is most powerful, feelings may get hurt. All efforts appear to be futile and ’furends,’ seem to have lost any appreciation they previously had for you. This will pass quickly so do not get disheartened.

Virgo; The Virgin 8.23-9.22
Problems may arise, Angus, near the end of January under the light of the Full Moon, when your Illinois neighbors perceive your expectations for perfection to be too demanding. None of us will ever achieve perfectionism so take a few steps back and offer your paw in ‘furendship.’ When the Moon Goddess moves on things will settle down.

Libra; The Scales 9.23-10.22
Colorado snow blows hard and cold on Ground Hog’s Day as Doc’s diplomacy falters and family members ignore his advice. The desire to just step back and become an observer is over-whelming but futile as the Libra born is not to be ignored.

Scorpio; The Scorpion 10.23-11.21
The love of treats may make or break a truce, Freddy, and your Iowa family is no exemption either. Near the 4th, tempers may flair, teeth gleam and hackles rise as Artemis and her war-like ways surround your home. Avoid the temptation, her chariot moves on and all regain their composure.

Sagittarius; The Centaur 11.22-12.21
It’s the call of the wild, the great outdoors, tracking in the wilderness that may be your undoing this month Phoebe. With or w/out ’furends,’ by your side you may wander off in the ’Down Under,’ in search of a great adventure. Your wanderlust will be at its peak around the 6th, of February.

Capricorn; The Sea-Goat 12.22-1.19
Don’t abandon all caution on the 9th, as Luna meets w/the Sea-Goat, Siku Marie, for danger may lurk and emotions might run high. In order to avoid a serious confrontation it might be best to allow a loved one to take matters into their strong and loving hands than for you to try to manipulate those around you.

Aquarius; The Water-Bearer 1.20-2.18
There won’t be a dull moment this month, Casper. Venus charms Sol as Aquarius dawns heightening your sense of beauty and delight. Then, when Hermes and Luna meet near the 10th, of February, they will enhance your ability to discover and develop new relationships. Group efforts may come more easily so don’t allow this opportunity to slip away.

Pisces; The Fish 2.19-3.20
Zeus has just entered Pisces causing anxiety levels to heighten and Sophia finds she’s not exempt which ‘causes some excitement in her Florida home. But in the darkness of the New Moon, as Valentine’s Day nears, Aphrodite and Selena see to it that harmony is restored, growling and snarls diminish and peace reigns once again.
Please feel free to share my thoughts with others, however, reprinting for anything other than personal amusement should only be done with my consent. Bow-wow and a Happy Barkday to all of my Aquarian born ‘furends‘!!

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