Sunday, December 19, 2010

K9 Horoscope Dec. 19-25, 2010

Woof StarGazers,

Aries; The Ram 3.21-4.19

It might be best to reserve judgment this week and just enjoy the festivities.

Taurus; The Bull 4.20-5.20

In the spirit of the season leave ill feelings behind as family members gather ’round.

Gemini; The Twins 5.21-6.21

The week begins with plans well in place. Be open to changes though, some things are just beyond our control.

Cancer; The Crab 6.22-7.22

The Winter Solstice raises your spirits with its promise of brighter days ahead.

Leo; The Lion 7.23-8.22

Laughter feeds the soul! Get involved in the season’s celebrations and you’ll send those Winter Blues on their way

Virgo; The Virgin 8.23-9.22

Festivities abound so don’t be a Scooge!!

Libra; The Scales 9.23-10.22

Embrace an offer of friendship this week without reading too much into their intentions.

Scorpio; The Scorpion 10.23-11.21

Don’t speak ill of a broken relationship, you may not have all of the facts.

Sagittarius; The Centaur 11.22-12.21

The pressure eases yet you still feel apprehensive about the challenges you face.

Capricorn; The Sea-Goat 12.22-1.19

By mid-week, as Sol’s influence becomes evident, you become more aware of other’s needs.

Aquarius; The Water-Bearer 1.20-2.18

It’s a busy week but with some adjustments you’ll accomplish more than anticipated.

Pisces; The Fish 2.19-3.20

Put your concerns on hold, join in on the fun and festivities.

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Paw Up! to all of my StarGazer Furends!!

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  1. Foley is looking forward to brighter days even tough we are trying to convince her that does not mean more sunshine; Pocket it looking forward to Festivus. Hopefully my Mom woill notice when I need to go out and pee