Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nov. 7, - Nov. 13, 2010

Woof StarGazers,

Aries; The Ram 3.21-4.19

Wanderlust feeds your soul but now is not the best time to become a road warrior.

Taurus; The Bull 4.20-5.20

Your resolve to take a friendship to a higher level weakens as your love interest reveals a roving eye.

Gemini; The Twins 5.21-6.21

Being of an accepting nature often serves you well, however, ‘look before you leap, is advice not to be taken lightly.

Cancer; The Crab 6.22-7.22

Co-workers may bristle when you appear unwilling to pull a fuller load. Don’t get baited into a confrontation for there are deeper reasons for your actions.

Leo; The Lion 7.23-8.22

Take a step back and stop bombarding others with your, ‘know all,’ attitude. You have some fences to mend.

Virgo; The Virgin 8.23-9.22

You appear to be on a quest or even getting ready for battle. Tone it down a bit and seek advice from a loved one.

Libra; The Scales 9.23-10.22

Romance unveils itself mid-week catching you off guard. You may become over-whelmed by all of the attention.

Scorpio; The Scorpion 10.23-11.21

A co-worker raises suspicion with their tales of intrigue. It would be wise to turn a deaf ear and allow them to have their fun.

Sagittarius; The Centaur 11.22-12.21

Mid-week brings a double whammy as Luna and Mercury begin their assault on your influences. You can easily make yourself heard by others but they will consider your directions to be pointless.

Capricorn; The Sea-Goat 12.22-1.19

After Wednesday the Sea-Goat begins to talk of dreams that others only consider fantasy.

Aquarius; The Water-Bearer 1.20-2.18

Your work week ends on a high note as your plans, for a much better future, begin to take form.

Pisces; The Fish 2.19-3.20

It would be wonderful if fairy tales did come true!! You should start to see those dreams turning into reality soon.

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Paw Up! to all of my StarGazer Furends!!

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